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Industrial Plumbing Maintenance

High-Point Plumbing and Mechanical provide reliable and efficient plumbing and heating services to Quinte West, Prince Edward County and the surrounding regionfor commercial and industrial companies, including plumbing maintenance and new installations.

What we do

High-Point Plumbing and Mechanical is an Industrial Plumbing Maintenance company. We also offer Backflow Preventer Testing.

Jim Wood incorporated the company in 2015 and it has grown rapidly due to the company’s reputation for excellence in the industrial field.

We can handle any and all of your Industrial Plumbing and mechanical work requirements.

Industrial Pump Maintenance

It is a commonly known fact that a pump that is running at peak efficiency will use less fuel, experience less downtime and cost less to operate.

Maintaining your pump is an investment in its lifetime performance and value.

Keeping a pump in good condition involves servicing the mechanical section as well as preserving the characteristics of the hydraulic section, including any modifications that the process requires.

Contact one of our Industrial Plumbing maintenance represenatives to find out how we can help you.


Signs your Industrial Pump needs maintenance:

– A considerable difference in pump flow
– The pump does not re-prime as quickly as it did initially
– The pump is making excessive noise
– The pump is clogging frequently
– The pump is overheating.

Efficiency Checklist:

– Check for any air leakage
– Check the suction hose lining
– Check the suction strainer
– Check vloute casing
– Check impeller vanes
– Check wear plate/rings
– Check impeller clearance
– Check seals, bearings
– Check engine/motor
– Check discharge line condition